Citilog – Accident Incident Detection

Citilog’s Intelligent Automatic Incident Detection  (AID) solutions enable traffic operators to identify and address incidents and accidents in real time.

Traffic management, traffic safety and in a broader sense improving mobility is a moving target requiring adaptive solutions and innovative products. Learn more about our solutions designed to help you solve your issues around Intelligent Traffic systems (ITS).

Incident Management
Automatic Incident Detection (AID) makes your entire traffic incident management chain more effective. Citilog’s solutions identify incidents in seconds – with record low number of false alarms – and support your operations with actionable real-time traffic data.

Traffic Statistics
Traffic statistics are the building blocks of traffic information and management. Citilog’s Traffic Statistic solution is a reliable and easy to implement tool to collect such data in real time from dedicated video sensors or from traffic surveillance cameras.

Traffic Efficiency
Intersection control aims at balancing and maximizing green time for all users of the public space. Citilog’s Traffic Efficiency solution addresses detections of all these users, from large and small vehicles to pedestrians.

Remote Enforcement
The efficiency of the best Traffic Management in the world relies on road users’ ability to abide by traffic rules. Citilog’s Remote Enforcement solutions aim at automatically detecting and enforcing traffic and parking violations in order to restore mobility to our cities.