High Performance Facial Recognition For Crowded Environments

BioSurveillance is a high performance video-surveillance solution for facial recognition, especially designed for the simultaneous identification of subjects in crowded and changeable environments. Optimized for GPU architectures, it works 50 times faster than traditional systems and it is capable of processing very high-resolution video streams.
Our technology makes it possible to enroll subjects automatically through video capture (on-the-fly) and works correctly even with partial facial occlusions, use of glasses, handkerchiefs or caps, changes in facial expression, difficult lighting conditions and slight rotations of the face.

  • Recognition up to 500 fps with high resolution IP cameras
  • Fully automatic and non-invasive technology
  • Works properly on changes of facial expression, illumination, beard, eyeglasses, scarfs and caps
  • Subjects can be enrolled from one or more photos or videos
  • Integration API available


ID Management
  • Automatic subject enrolment
  • Multiple watch lists
  • Runtime alarm management, highly tuneable
  • Compact, flexible system with multilingual management
  • Alarms can be exported and visualized on mobile devices

Technical Data