Future-proof reconfigurable silicon


Future-proof reconfigurable silicon


Since 1960, reconfigurable architectures have evolved and there is a wide consensus that they are a promising solution to bridge the gap between ASIC performance and processing flexibility. The electronic industry, from traditional markets (smartphones and PCs) to innovative fields of application (automotive, industrial, IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Data Mining) has been the driving force behind new semiconductor technologies. Catering for advanced functionalities they require improved computational performance and flexibility. Reconfigurable hardware based on FPGA empowers developers and system integrators to address the complexity of today smarter devices by developing programmable solutions based on fixed hardware.


  • Pressure to develop systems to meet evolving standards
  • Extended designers’ freedom to system alterations after production without hardware redesign


  • Empowering application designers to run execution codes safely and efficiently
  • Provide equipment designers with the flexibility to increase functionalities or integrate custom elements to their designs without requiring the use of multiple devices


  • SEcube™ is a System-on-Chip embedding 3 main cores: a highly powerful processor, a EAL5+ Common Criteria certified security controller and a high-performance FPGA